Why Choose The BUZZ Builder?

Proven Marketing Success

In 2006, I started The BUZZ Builder, LLC to help small businesses develop online strategies utilizing social media platforms and blogging.

After a couple of months, I added a video to my homepage and the number of subscribers to my newsletter increased by 600% in the first month! It was actually really crazy, but I began to understand the power of this medium and set out to learn everything I could about video production.

In 2009, I approached my mom and told her that she could make A LOT more money in her business Action Rider Tack (an online equine retailer/brick & mortar store in Medford, OR) if she would hire me to create videos and take care of her online marketing.

Wrapping all of the marketing strategies around video production, including blogging, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, in less than 4 years, Action Rider Tack’s sales grew by 400% and my mom was able to sell her business (which was the goal).

Over time, I've had business friends approach me asking me to create videos for them, and then, they sent their business friends to me. I get such a kick out of hearing about how the videos are working for all my clients, I decided to expand my video services to more small business owners, coaches and consultants.

I know I can help you. So, let's drive more traffic to your business using the power of video!

64% people are more likely to buy a product or service

after watching a video on the same website